Born in Dublin, I have a Celtic soul and spent my childhood summers in the west of Ireland.

After studying languages at University College Dublin I taught for 8 years in the UK, Nassau and Auckland. I ran my own Artisan Bakery, Ballyglass House, for a decade producing Irish Speciality Breads and Irish Plum Puddings for clients such as Air New Zealand first class, culminating in two major food awards including the Massey University Enterprise Award. All while raising seven beautiful children.

Several years ago I was diagnosed as being coeliac which brought a swift end to breadmaking. I have been interested in complementary therapies since my children were small and more so during 10 years of declining health before this diagnosis. A trip to the Abbaye de Senanque in Provence triggered something in my soul and I returned to Auckland to study Aromatherapy. After completing a Diploma in Aromatherapy, I undertook Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy courses in Australia with the renowned Rhiannon Lewis of Essential Oil Resource Consultants [Provence]. These included Aroma Psychology in Clinical Care, Aromatic Pain Management in Cancer Care, Clinical Aromatherapy Approaches in Dermatology and Supporting the Terrain: The Cornerstone of Holistic Aromatherapy. In July 2014 I returned to Provence for a Residential Intensive Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy Course which delved deeper into the chemistry of Essential Oils and explored all interfaces of application, dosages and formulations.


For two years I was the Senior Tutor in Aromatherapy at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies, where I developed the Diploma course after advanced studies overseas. I currently run my own practice and classes for small groups in the beautiful Waitakere Ranges.

I have a great love and passion for Nature, flowers, herbs and the natural medicines with which they supply us. Studying Aromatherapy has been and continues to be a highlight in my life, and I have become completely fascinated by this art and science as I see the changes it can evoke physically, mentally and emotionally. It is a modality for which life experience on the part of the practitioner is a great asset because listening with a compassionate understanding, intuitive heart is an integral part of the treatment.



"Sacred anointing with oil - so much more than a massage" H. Auckland

“ I met Annie and Aromatherapy over 7 years ago when going through a difficult period and the results were amazing.I have since read that smell is the sense that connects us most quickly with our emotions and I am sure that touch must follow second.I find that the Essential Oils and Annie’s intuitive choice (based on a deep theoretical knowledge) are both immediately rejuvenating and subsequently restorative. The combination of touch and smell addresses  both the physical and emotional that link deeply with our spiritual wellbeing. I have continued with regular treatments for my health and happiness, especially at those times when life’s stressors seem overwhelming. Thank you Annie for the care and love you put into every treatment” H. auckland

“I came across Annie by chance, but wow am I lucky to have found her. I have been under enormous pressure due to family health issues for the last 14 months. I was at the point where my GP and counsellor said I had to try and destress more as it was starting to affect my health; even though I was already using several different protocols to de-stress including medication. After one aromatherapy massage session with Annie and her skill, I feel like a new person. I immediately felt better, with all the built up tension and stress melting away. I feel calmer, relaxed, am able to smile easily and deal with my situation with a lighter heart. My skin even looks and feels fantastic which is an added bonus as I suffer from rosacea. It has only been a few days since my treatment, but the benefits have remained for this extended time. I cannot recommend Annie more highly and am looking forward to my next session. She is a wonderful, caring soul!“ S. Auckland

"The impact of my first experience of working with Annie was spectacular. I arrived stressed, anxious and burnt out. I felt awkward and angular,overloaded with heady intellectualising of my various dilemmas, emotional and professional.The soothing tea in the beautiful consulting room and the infinite unhurried manner whereby Annie sought to find clarity regarding my key issues were balm to my troubled soul. Her questions had integrity and felt authentic and appropriate. The levels of care, time and commitment were extraordinary and my body simply drank it all in. Somehow many of the needed changes in my life were crystallised and made manifest through this session. Thank you Annie." E. Auckland

“The healing and transformational power of botanical aromatherapy is truly remarkable. I discovered Annie on my journey surviving an acrimonious divorce facing up to countless rounds of litigation. As a trained professional, she always diagnosed exactly what I needed after a thorough consultation. The result is a very noticeable reaching beyond the physical causing shifts beyond explanation. I consider Annie one of my ‘secret weapons’ that has made me the resilient woman that I am today” S.  Auckland


"I find Annie to intuitively know what I need. Everytime, I leave feeling nurtured and nourished in heart, soul and body. Her attention to detail is evident in the beauty of her surroundings, the care that she takes . I soak up the atmosphere enjoying the totality of the experience. A remarkable lady, I always feel honoured and heard by Annie." F. Auckland


"Annie thank you for your wonderful treatments and your enormous ability to listen compassionately, without judgement. You have a real talent for knowing what oils to use----Through these wonderful Aromatherapy massages I have learned about the healing properties of the oils and also about a heightened self awareness and my own ability to restore a natural balance within myself.--- I felt uplifted and invigorated and ready to take on the world .Thank you." F. Auckland


"After the loss of my husband who was the light of my life, I virtually crumbled into darkness. Having aromatherapy treatments with Annie and looking at grief helped me heal. By the 3rd treatment I felt I was starting to come back to being me, able to talk to people, grieve openly and face life again." C. Auckland

"I have used castor oil packs off and on for 3 years for menstrual pain on the advice of Annie. My symptoms have always been distressing and I could not go without pharmaceutical pain relief for at least 24 hours. Annie’s guidance with castor oil packs has made an enormous difference - they seem to assist the body and mind in moving towards deep relaxation and healing, and I’ve often fallen asleep with them on! I highly recommend the treatment for PMS and other conditions such as back pain and digestive discomfort. Thanks Annie for your wonderful advice!" J.M. Wellington