A high potency healing cream suitable for cuts, wounds, bruises, bites, irritated, dry inflamed skin. Has also proved effective for anal fissures.



"I LOVE that cream. In the late seventies and early eighties I had three children who were born by caesarean section. This left me with a long scar from one side of my body to the other. This scar was the bane of my life until I started using Annie’s Healing Cream a couple of years ago. Until then, particularly in the Winter, my scar would be oozing, red, smelly and very sore. Whatever I tried from herbal to medical creams, just didn't work. Since applying Annie’s Healing Cream I haven’t had any of the old symptoms. The scar and skin around it are clean and healthy. This has made such a difference to me and my sense of wellbeing. I am so grateful to Annie and that little pot of cream and can't recommend it highly enough."  L. Auckland



    Moisture Cream Base; skin friendly blend of Apricot kernel, Sweet almond oils, Vitamin E and plant derived emulsifiers.

    Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe barbadensis; cooling, soothing, hydrating natural healing gel. Increases oxygen in skin and tissue strength.

    St John’s Wort, Hypericum perforatum; macerated oil, antiinflammatory, cooling to inflamed nerves. Effective on sprains, burns, wounds, bruises.

    Rosehip Oil, Rosa rubiginosa; encourages regeneration and repair of the skin due to high levels of linoleic and linolenic fatty acids. Effective on scars, wounds, burns and ageing skin.

    Essential oils

    Lavender, Lavandula angustifolia; in the early 20th century the French bio chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse observed the extraordinary healing powers of Lavender essential oil after burning his hand in a laboratory accident. It has antiseptic, analgesic, and cytophylactic properties which help ease pain, prevent infection and promote healing. Also very calming and relaxing.

    German chamomile, Matricaria recutita; improves elasticity in the skin, soothing antiseptic, strongly antiinflammatory.

    Tea tree, Melaleuca alternifolia; broad spectrum anti microbial activity, cicatrisant, wound healing.

    Everlasting, Helichrysum italicum; an ancient healer like Frankincense and Myrrh. Excellent in skincare because of its antiinflammatory, antimicrobial, cytophylactic activity. Used for bruising and wound healing. According to the renowned Dr. Penoel, it is “the super arnica of Aromatherapy”.

    Myrrh, Commiphora myrrha; steam distilled from the resin. One of the oldest aromatic essences used by the Egyptians in embalming. Truly wound healing.

    Rose geranium, Pelargonium roseum; excellent astringent, haemostatic, antiinflammatory and cytophylactic  properties. Excellent for wounds and bruises. Balances sebum.

    Cistus, Cistus ladaniferus, “the oil of Cistus is produced in hot sun drenched regions and  is used in aromatic medicine for its astringent and tightening qualities. It is the fastest acting oil to stop bleeding" [Kurt Schnaubelt]. As ancient as Frankincense and Myrrh it is excellent in regenerative skincare. Remarkable in tissue healing when used in synergy with Helichrysum. Excellent for trauma on all levels.

    Calendula CO2, Calendula officinalis; traditionally used in the treatment of skin ailments because of its moisturising, antiinflammatory and vulnerary properties.

    Amiox; a unique Rosemary extract from Essential Therapeutics; a potent antioxidant.

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply to clean skin as required.

    SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: Suitable for 10 years and up. Not suitable for babies. Store in a cool dark place. Keep out of the reach of children. Any adverse reaction or sensitivity, discontinue use and seek advice from a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist. This product is not intended as a treatment for any disease or as a replacement for medications.